Our infant Program is licensed for 9 infants aged 0 – 18 months. We expanded our infant room from a license of 6 infants to 9, in September-October 2019. During this expansion we also added a new infant yard! Staff ratio is 1 staff for every 3 infants. The fee is $55 a day full time. Part time options MAY be available.

Based on the individual needs and parents written instructions, the Infant Program may follow the routine outlined below. All times are estimate with outdoor times based on the weather. .

 7:30 am Arrival / Free play
 8:00 am SNACK (parent or Preschool provided) / Free play / Diaper Time
 9:00 am Morning nap (for those needing two naps a day)
12:00 pm Nap time (for those daily nappers)
Planned activities (for morning nappers)
2:30 pm Wake up & Diaper time (for daily nappers)
SNACK / Free play
Second nap
3:30 pm Free play / Diaper time
4:30 pm Outside for one time nappers
Second nappers waking up / diaper time / outside
5:30 pm Closed