Our teachers at Lamplighter Preschool are qualified, caring, nurturing, and have obtained certification as professional Registered Early Childhood Educators, or the equivalent approved by the Ministry of Education. All staff are qualified with First Aid and CPR; regularly attend workshops and seminars to maintain on-going professional development; and provide clear criminal reference checks every five years.

Our Cook has successfully completed and maintains their Safe Food Handlers Course and all staff is aware of any posted allergies or any special dietary needs.

We help mentor our community youth who are interested in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). Our preschool regularly welcomes students from Loyalist College and St. Lawrence College who are performing placement duties required for ECE certification. We also accept co-op placement students from local secondary schools. All students are required to provide clear criminal reference checks before starting a placement with us.

Krista Embury
Child Care Worker – Preschool Room
“Hi! My name is Krista Embury and I’ve been a part of the Lamplighter family for 7 years. I am currently an Early Childhood Education Apprentice through Loyalist College. I plan on graduating in early 2017. I started at Lamplighter in 2009 as a supply teacher and became a full time Preschool Staff in 2011. I love seeing children grow , explore and learn through play!”
Lindsey Hodgson
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Preschool Room
“Hi! My name is Lindsey Hodgson, I’ve been an RECE since 2004. I graduated from Loyalist College and have been a part of the Lamplighter family since I was 3! I attended as a child and have volunteered, done placements and worked at Lamplighter throughout my life. I am now working Full time in the Preschool Room. I love how spontaneous and creative children are!”
Jennifer Lloyd
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Toddler Room
“Hi! My name is Jenn and I graduated from Loyalist College in June of 2017. My passion for children started in my early years when I began baby sitting. After High School, I began Post Secondary School to become a Pediatric Nurse but quickly realized that that was not the way in which I wanted to nurture children. My journey at Lamplighter began in January of 2016 when I started my first Practicum Placement in the E.C.E. field. After Practicum, I began supplying in the summer and over my Christmas holidays. What I love about children is their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. I enjoy the opportunity to watch children learn and grow allowing me to learn along side them. I love seeing the growth and change of each child and am honored to be able to help them learn basic knowledge and self-help skills.”
Kayla Vander Wey
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Toddler Room
“My name is Kayla Vander Wey and I’ve been an RECE since 2009 and started my Lamplighter career in 2010. When I was hired, our Preschool was just licensed for Preschoolers. In 2012, I helped open our Toddler Room and I had been running the program for 3 years with a license of 5 Toddlers. In 2015, we moved locations and expanded our Toddler program with a license of 10. I thoroughly enjoy the toddler age group! It is rewarding to teach children to communicate, develop self- help skills and learn basic knowledge such as colours, letters and shapes. I also love the bonds I am able to build with the children! It has been a joy to care for the toddlers at Lamplighter!”
Nicole Forse
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Infant Room
“Hi, my name is Nicole Forse and I’ve been working in the Infant Room at Lamplighter since December 2015. I’m an RECE and an Ontario Certified Teacher (Primary Division) from York University. I also have qualifications in Special Education. I’ve been working with children and families for over 23 years in childcare centres, private tutoring, dance schools and public schools. I hold my ECE Diploma and ECE Degree from Ryerson University. I’m a mother of 2 teen boys and new to the area – military move. Helping children to thrive and learn is one of my passions. Other passions are dance (ballet), and nature. I enjoy the Infant Room and watching the infants explore. “Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein”
Nicole Moore
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Infant Room
"My name is Nicole Moore, and I am an Infant Teacher at Lamplighter Preschool. I have been with Lamplighter Preschool since 2011, when I started as supply staff before graduating from Loyalist College, and joining the Lamplighter team full time in 2013. I love working with the children at Lamplighter Preschool, helping them learn and grow in a nurturing, loving environment. I enjoy creating classroom experiences that provides children with a variety of opportunities to learn through play. One of my favourite parts of the Infant Program would be creating sensory and art experiences for the children. Of course baby snuggles are great as well! Working as an Early Childhood Educator is my passion, and I couldn't imagine working in any other field. I'm a first time mom of a baby girl, born in January 2016, and a step mom to a spunky seven year old girl. When not working, I enjoy reading, being outdoors, and spending time with my family. "
Fiona McKechnie
“Hello, my name is Fiona, Lamplighter Cook extraordinaire! My experience in the field of childcare began in Brighton England where I took the Child Care course for two years. I secured a job at the local Preschool where upon I completed the Preschool Playgroups Association course. I worked at the Whitehawk Community Centre Playgroup until I moved to Canada in 1990. My other experiences include, running my own home based childcare, working as a Foster Care Relief Worker and working as a drop in centre Playgroup Teacher for LARC. I have worn many hats at Lamplighter Preschool since the beginning of 2011 which included a supply staff, Enhanced Support Worker, Cook, a full time staff temp position where I prepared program plans and menus along with taking many workshops. I absolutely love teaching children and most of all nurturing their humour. I find it quite incredible what children find funny and will roll with it. I wear one hat these days as full time cook. I still get to interact with the children while I cover breaks, which I enjoy. I am always trying to find new meals or snacks for the children to try, some are hits and some are misses. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say! "
Cherilyn Eves
Registered Early Childhood Educator – Director
“I’m Cherilyn Eves, a Registered Early Childhood Educator and I have been with Lamplighter since 2002. I have been the Director since 2010. I am from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, and I graduated from Loyalist College in the Early Childhood Education program in 1988. My interest in the child care field started early with babysitting for neighbours, being a Summer Camp Counsellor for the ages of 5-12 year olds and I was a parent relief worker for a Cerebral Palsy boy for one summer. What I love about this field is the children’s humour, innocence and their constant, playful, eagerness to learn.”