Our Toddler program is licensed for 10 toddlers aged 18 months – 2 1/2 years old with a variance to accept 2 younger than 18 months, as long as their developmental, emotional and physical needs and abilities can be supported when enrolling (or transitioning) into the program. Our staff ratio is 1 staff for every 5 Toddlers. The fee is $47 a day.  Full time or Part time enrollment options are available.

Based on individual needs the Toddler Program may follow the routine outlined below. All time are estimate with outdoor times based on the weather.

7:30 am Arrival to Preschool Room
8:00 am Move to Toddler Room/Free Play/Sensory & Art Activities
9:30 am

Bathroom routine/SNACK

10:30 am Outside time
11:30 am Return inside/Bathroom time & prep for LUNCH
12:00 pm Story & Songs/Ready to nap
12:15 pm Lights out
2:30 pm Wake up time/Free play

3:00 pm SNACK/Bathroom time
4:00 pm First group outside
4:30 pm Second group outside
5:30 pm